How To Choose Anti Aging Creams

kMost common anti aging creams are usually made of typical ingredients that most other creams are made of as well. Ingredients like Retinol, Collagen and Antioxidants are commonly found in popular creams that you see at almost every store.

The trick to finding a cream that works for you is actually really simple. What seems like an impossible task is actually one of the easiest things that you can accomplish with great results. 1 situation of many that I’ve had is dandruff. I’ve tried almost every dandruff fighting product on the market and even a prescription treatment which did not help at all. That is of course until my parents went to Israel and came back with a shampoo that was not specifically meant for dandruff but it had dead sea minerals in there to help condition that scalp. After using half of the small little bottle my dandruff was almost completely gone!

In this same way anyone can find a solution for their anti aging needs. The most common ingredient used to fight dandruff is Ketoconazole and from what I’ve learned my scalp doesn’t

Is It Best to Have a Combo Face & Neck Lift or Hold Two Separate Surgical Procedures

jThe facelift remains one of the most popular procedures for women, and is also becoming more acceptable among men looking to correct the effects of gravity and aging on the face. But sometimes aging extends below the jawline, and on those occasions it’s not uncommon to do a facelift plus a neck lift. So is it best to have a combo face and neck lift or hold 2 separate procedures. A facial plastic surgeon can help you decide the most effective option for you.

In determining the most appropriate procedure the surgeon will look at your specific skin concerns. This includes the amount of skin laxity in the face and neck, as well as the amount of excess fat in the neck.

Neck lift surgery

The aging neck is generally characterized by loose skin and excess fat in the neck region, along with deep folds and lax muscles. A neck lift is designed to improve the appearance of the area that extends under the jaw line down to the collarbone.

During the procedure the surgeon will tighten the underlying muscles, eliminate vertical muscles bands, and remove fat

How to Avoid Potentially Harmful Toxins In Anti Ageing Products

csThe diseases of Western Society and an ageing population are often in the media; does that worry, annoy, or disinterest you? We are living longer, but diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic conditions can disrupt the comfort and quality of life. The causes are being studied, but who really knows who and what to believe?

Many are trying to live a more natural lifestyle, even if only as an insurance plan. We use skin care daily, morning and night, on face and body. So for those trying to live more naturally, choosing natural skin care and anti ageing products can be an important way to cut down on potentially harmful toxins. Of course our bodies have built-in cleaning mechanisms, but the amount of toxins in our modern lives may be putting too much pressure on our body systems (such as the endocrine system and immune system). There is such a thing as too much pressure.

No one has proven with certainty what chemicals are harmful, especially when it comes to anti ageing products, household products, tooth pastes etc. But the David Suzuki Foundation and

Dermal Filler Treatment to Reduce Wrinkles and Add Volume to the Face

iThe older we get the more the hyaluronic acid content, which is important for hydration and water retention in our bodies, decreases. This means our skin becomes drier and starts to lose its plumpness. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that occurs in the body, it holds water, which hydrates and gives volume to the skin. As we age, this production of hyaluronic acid diminishes.

For a number of reasons, maybe age, stress or weight loss, we might find that our face is beginning to look tired, drawn and gaunt. A younger person’s skin looks firmer and plumper in comparison, thanks in part to collagen and hyaluronic acid. But as we get older, these substances in our skin slowly begin to diminish and this results in a loss of facial volume. One of the ways to combat the signs of getting older, is to replace the hyaluronic acid that is lost during the ageing process.

Dermal fillers are the ideal, non-surgical treatment to improve facial contours, fill out sunken cheeks, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and help people regain their former youthful looks. Before our

How The Sun Affects Your Skin And Anti Aging

uThe sun provides some significant benefits to not only our skin but to everything around from plants to animals to our overall health and even our mood! One of the benefits that we get from the sun is our source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is what strengthens our immune system, our bones and can even prevent some types of cancer. The sun’s UV rays also slow down the growth of our skin cells which can help a skin condition called psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin condition in which the skin sheds cells more quickly than it should which causes itchiness in the skin.

Aside from the benefits that the sun can provide, it can also do some major harm. Too much of anything is not very good. If you consume too much of any specific product, healthy or not, it will have a negative effect.

One of the negative effects that the sun can have on our skin is one that most of us have been through before. Sunburns are not very pleasant. Depending on the severity of a sunburn it can even prevent

7 Simple Ways to Live Life a Little Longer

cvA mid 40s guy, and obviously obese, went to see his doctor for chest pains.

After asking him the usual question and taking down his medical history, the doctor told him that his vital signs are normal but that he should spare an hour a day to exercise his excess fat away.

“Doctor, I don’t think I can fit an hour of exercise into my busy schedule, “protested the guy.

“I understand,” the doctor calmly told his patient. Then added, “So tell me, what easily fits in your schedule, an hour of exercise a day or to be dead 24 hours a day?”

This might seem a sick joke, but there’s plenty of truth in this dry humor. According to 2010 statistics, a whopping 30.8% of Americans between 45 and 64 are obese, of which 1 in 5 will die from it according to a study published online in August last year by the American Journal for Public Health.

Particularly susceptible are men in their 40s and above because of career demands, apathy, laziness, or plain resignation to the aging effects on their bodies. The irony is that

Longevity Secrets of People Over 100

gWhat can we learn from longevity secrets of people over 100? First, we exclude genetics, but assume this must be in their favor. Second, we look for diet and lifestyle similarities to form a behavioral pattern for healthy aging. Third, we condense these behavioral patterns into major lifestyle themes that led to increased longevity. Here are their lifestyles.

A study(1) starts with 122 year old JEANNE CALMENT (1875-1997) who actually smoked for 96 years, but only two cigarettes a day. She poured olive oil on all her foods and applied it to her skin. She drank port wine, ate two pounds of chocolate a week and rode her bike until 100. Her cigarette habit may be too little to be significant and she may have been protected by olive oil and other antioxidants.

SARAH KNAUSS (1880-1999) was 119 years old and considered the oldest person from the United States. She worked as a manager of an insurance agency. With little accounts, we have to rely on her daughter for an explanation. “She’s a very tranquil person and nothing fazes her. That’s why she’s living this long.”

How To Make Your Life Even Better

rgI was recently asked to write an article centred around a quotation attributed to Gandhi. Turns out that Gandhi never came up with the words, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’. Poor ol’ Gandhi! Just as Confucius has been linked with having said stuff that he never uttered, so too Gandhi.

What could I do? I reframed the challenge of change into a question that has kept minds busy for thousands of years. The question is how can I live a life worth living?

If you’ve lived long enough, it’s likely that you will have your favourite observation about change. After all, people have been commenting about change since time immemorial. When it comes to change, the toothpaste is out of the tube and there’s no way of getting it back.

So, what matters most for you? Are you living a life worth living? Are you living a kind of life that others might want to hear about? And does that matter in the long run?

This can be tough going. Socrates reckoned that an unexamined (‘unexceptional’) life was not worth living. Yet,

Methods to Keeping the Brain Healthy

5As the years go by, the brain can become unhealthy if it is not properly exercised. It is important, particularly for senior citizens, to stimulate the mind to keep it sharp. Many healthy aging programs include a brain exercise routine that can help ward off dementia and keep the reflexes running smoothly. Here are a few examples.

Challenge the Brain

Engaging in a lot of reading, mind games, crossword puzzles, and other forms of healthy mental activity can help keep the mind very sharp. Participating in intellectual activities, even attending a class, can make seniors less likely to develop dementia.

Maintain a Social Life

Those who are socially connected with their community while aging will likely have a much better memory than those who do not. Active social engagement is critical to keeping the brain in good shape.

Watch Blood Pressure

As people age, blood pressure increasingly becomes an issue. While maintaining a steady blood pressure is ideal for preventing heart disease, it can also be very helpful in keeping the brain in good health. Through diet and medication, lowering the blood pressure has been shown to have a

A Non-Surgical Procedure Using Botox & Dermal Fillers

45Ageing, is unfortunately inevitable. As we get older, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging facial skin begins to develop, and we tend to look slightly gaunt as we lose volume in our face.

Many think face lift surgery is the solution to correct these effects of facial ageing. However, there is another option, and instead of going under the knife for a surgical procedure, many people might get fantastic results from a non-surgical procedure such as the liquid face lift.

A liquid face lift, also known as an injectable face lift, is a procedure where Botox gets injected and freshens the face by softening lines and wrinkles. When it’s strategically placed, Botox can also give you an eye lift. Dermal Filler such as Radiesse gets injected into sunken, hollow cheeks and will volumise the face, giving it an instant result, like a mini face lift.

Botox and filler can also be injected into the temples, lower eyelids, cheeks and jaw-line to create more youthful facial contours. The filler gives volumisation to areas that have sagged, and signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging jowls

4 Ways Seniors Can Stay Mentally Sharp

tStaying mentally sharp is a goal most seniors have. We all want to stay as independent as possible for as long as we can. However, while time is an enemy that works against us, (and something we have no control over), there are certain things we can do to keep our mental facilities, and ultimately our independence, for as long as possible. Here are the big 4:

  • Exercising Regularly
  • Eating Healthy
  • Playing Mind Games
  • Quitting Smoking

Exercising Regularly

Study after study all come to the same conclusion – exercising slows down the aging process in both the body and mind. According to a report published by the Annals of Medicine in 2015, exercising lowers the risk of developing dementia. The thought is that exercise increases blood flow to the brain resulting in better cognitive functioning.

Eating Healthy

Researchers think cognitive decline might be due to a diet high in saturated fat. Eating a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain, low-fat dairy and fish high in unsaturated fat and Omega 3, seems to slow its progression.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly is the one-two punch that will keep you mentally sharp

Nature’s Answers to Anti-Aging

wNature’s first and best answer to anti-aging is to age gracefully; to become ever more serene and appreciative. Throughout your lifetime, your every thought shows up on your face, sending either a frowning, angry, worried message, or a smiling and compassionate message. Repeating these thoughts over the years will create a permanent display of your inner thought life. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is comfortable with herself and kind to others, regardless of her age.

If you’re coming into serenity late in life, or just wanting to avoid looking older than you feel, a combination of the right natural ingredients and safe active ingredients from cosmetic science can bring a new freshness to your skin and hair.

First skin objective: Glowing.

Even the oldest skin is more pleasing to the eye when it glows. Exfoliation – just the right amount – is essential. Gentle, consistent exfoliation is more effective and long-lasting, (not to mention less damaging) than aggressive, but infrequent, exfoliation.

Glycolic acid is one of the most popular alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) used to achieve a glow. It is derived from sugar cane.

What Is A Geriatrician and Why Should You See One

eA geriatrician is an internal medicine or family medicine doctor who has also completed up to an additional 3 years of training and residency in the specialty of identifying and treating medical issues commonly found in older adults. Depending on where you live, finding a Geriatrician may not be so easy.

As the aging population increases, the number of doctors specializing in geriatrics is decreasing. You’ll have a better chance of finding one if you live in a larger populated areas.

When You Can’t Find a Geriatrician

A good alternative to a geriatrician is an internal or family medicine doctor who has experience working with senior citizens. If you live in an area with a high concentration of retirees, or snowbirds, (American retirees who live in northern climates, but travel south for the winter), many of the doctors working in those areas will be highly experienced in taking care of older adults.

When to Seek Out a Geriatrician

If you are the “average” 75-year old senior, you have at least three medical conditions, each requiring medical care from different specialists. You take five prescription drugs per day along

Anti-Aging Solutions Without the Downtime

dCan you have a facelift without surgery? Yes you can! A non-surgical facelift can rejuvenate your aging skin and refresh your appearance, to create a more natural look. The non-surgical facelift has become one of the most popular anti-aging solutions in recent times, because it can make you look young again, without the pain and downtime of the conventional facelift.

Non-surgical facelift for aging skin

As we grow older, the skin loses important proteins such as collagen and elastin, which are needed to maintain its firm, supple structure. As a result, the skin is no longer able to renew itself as quickly as it once did. Consequently, wrinkles and creases soon develop, and the skin starts to sag in different areas.

A non-surgical facelift is a great option for dealing with these signs of age. It can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lift the jowls, and improve skin tone, making you look fresher and younger. A non-surgical provides very satisfactory results, without the risks of a traditional facelift.

What is a non-surgical facelift?

A non-surgical facelift is a minimally invasive procedure that lifts and tightens the skin without

Five Words That Could Save Your Life

rfWhen we all eventually become members of the Didhediedidhe Club of one thing is certain: we’ll stop breathing. So, you don’t need to be an Einstein to deduce that, in order to delay joining ‘The Club’, it’s vital to keep breathing. And, once that has been achieved, our focus needs to be to keep the breath regular.

Despite our best efforts, things get in the way of maintaining a regular breath. Consider, for example, when we’re driving – be it in heavy traffic, driving a long distance, or kid’s playing up in the back seat, and so on. There are many contributors to feeling tired after time behind the wheel or in the passenger’s seat. We either don’t breathe (hold our breath) or breathe irregularly – more gasps than relaxed – and, not surprisingly, arrive at your destination feeling tired. Our regular breathing has been interrupted: gulps of air at irregular intervals is all we’ve had to rely on. One of the benefits of stopping for a break every couple of hours is that the practice enables regular breathing to resume.

When in doubt, breathe

Exercise Tips for Preventing Muscle, Bone and Joint Problems As You Age

tiAs we age, we start to lose muscle. This happens for a number of reasons. Among them are hormonal changes, lower protein intake, and less exercise. Because muscle helps stabilize bones, muscle loss can cause joint problems, especially in the hips and knees. Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease can accelerate muscle loss.

It is important to do what you can to preserve muscle since diminished muscle mass can cause bad posture, breathing problems, loss of balance resulting in falls, and even mental conditions, like depression.

Many consider loss of muscle mass to be just collateral damage of the aging process, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hormonal Replacement Therapy

For example, if the cause of muscle loss is low testosterone, hormonal replacement therapy can bring the level back up to an appropriate level. A simple test at the doctor’s office can confirm whether or not your level is low.

Eat More Protein

Because a lack of protein is a common cause of muscle loss in older adults, ensure that you are eating good lean sources of it each day. Include chicken

Proven and Effective Anti-Aging Skin Care Regime

tyIf you ask a woman, what tops on her wish list, the first and foremost is will be to look younger than her actual age. To attain an ageless skin, you need to follow a proper face skin care regime from the early years of life. Anti-aging creams must be introduced only after mid-thirties. However, if you start developing fine lines around your eyes, it is better to start off with an anti-aging eye cream from the onset of the thirties. Start getting the best vitamin C serum and anti-wrinkle serums at the right time.

Here are some skin care regimes that would make your anti-wrinkle cream work effectively:

The morning routine – The first step is to wash your face with a non-soap cleanser and lukewarm water. The main aim is to remove dirt and oil so that the vitamin C face serum and other products work properly. Know the right regime of application of skin products in order of consistency – from thinnest products like gels to thickest like creams, so that they penetrate well over the entire skin.

Take care of your eyes

The Right Method to Choose Anti-Aging Skin Products

4We often tend to choose anti-aging products that either looks alluring in attractive containers or the ones that go by the hype of brands. However, if you wish to get the best creams in your possession, you will essentially have to know some quality parameters. Beauty stores are loaded with Vitamin C serums, retinol based eye creams and creams for acne scar removal. The secret is to buy products that actually works. If you visit a dermatologist, you will get a list of expert advice that would aid you in deciding on the treatments that work on your skin.

Here are some tips that would help you to know what to pick:

    • The first step should be to use sunscreen and moisturizer regularly – In any point of time, sunscreen and moisturizer happen to be the two most effective anti-aging products that should be used on a regular basis to see a noticeable difference. While buying a sunscreen, check these elements if available – Broad spectrum, water resistance and SPF 30 (or higher). If you can buy a proper moisturizer and a sunblock cream, it

How To Regain Brighter, Younger Looking Skin!

efYour face is the first place on the body that shows signs of aging. As the age of 30 approaches, inflammation increases and wrinkles become more prominent. This process effects both women AND men. When you regularly apply the necessary ingredients to your face this process can be significantly slowed down and in just a few weeks you can look several years younger. The key is not only what vitamins and nutrients we put inside our bodies, but also what your facial skin requires on the outside. So let’s talk about some of the key ingredients and what our skin requires in order to get that youthful glow we are all striving for.

First is the necessity of skin cell protection. Shea butter has an antioxidant-rich makeup that stimulates the production of collagen and prevents the creation of premature facial lines and wrinkles. It is a solid fatty oil that absorbs quickly into the skin and helps protect the skin cells from environmental damage and free radicals.

Next would be the importance of conditioning the skin which is where triglycerides come in to play. They

Tips to Get the Best Out of Anti-Aging Products

23Did you ever notice if your anti-aging products are showing any effects at all? Well, even the best anti-aging cream would fade away your wrinkles in a period of about 6 to 8 months. You need to wait for a few months to judge the real results.

Here are some exquisite tips from dermatologists to achieve an ageless skin:

One product at a time – Do not use too many anti-aging products at the same time. It can irritate your skin and then the signs of aging may get even more noticeable.

A patch test is necessary – Usually, only people with sensitive skin have a tendency of doing a patch test. Whereas everyone should have this habit before trying out any skin cream at all. Make sure to do a patch test before applying any of these products on your face or hands. Often labels have the term “hypoallergenic products”, but they can also cause a skin reaction. Take a little portion of the product and apply a small amount on the skin of your inner forearm. Repeat the process for about a week to